Karibu – Passionate about making parenting easier

AboutThe Client

Karibu, Taiwan-based childcare product company, uses our stunning and simple custom template to showcase their products, complete with shopping cart system. Karibu, eCommerce web design, incorporates clever usage of the filtering scheme on all the product categories. It also features eCommerce essential features such as the product page and FAQ to enhance online shopper’s experiences.

Buildic lets the eCommerce business owner take total control over the store backend which makes it easy to operate your line from wherever you are. You stick to update your store, do inventory, fill orders, view sales report or contact a customer from anywhere all under a simple and easy-to-use store backend system. Not forgetting that builds partnered with eGHL to provide a secure shopping cart service which lets you instantly accept credit cards and PayPal payments.





December 05, 2014




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