18 Reasons Why Every Company Needs a Website Today

18 Reasons Why Every Company Needs a Website Today

When internet marketing professionals strongly advocate the eminence of a website for product promotion and advertising, several novice business owners ask- ‘why do I need a website?’ The following reasons will clearly demonstrate the significance and the factors that prompt you to hire professional website design services.


 1. Raise Your Customer Base

As per the statistics and estimation published by eMarketer in November 2014, the number of worldwide internet users is going to be over 3 billion by 2015 that is going to rise about 6.2% in the following year. Your website gives an instant exposure to high volume of target audience raising the chances of converting a bulk share of them into regular customers.

2. Gain Higher Value and Esteem for Your Business

When you urge to build business connects or to apply for loans from financial institutions, people often ask to show your website. An impressive website design with awesome features bestows greater value to your business reputation helping you to gain their confidence and ease the process.

3. Impact the Buyers’ Purchase Decision

People are always looking for products and services online nowadays. If you have website, the interested buyers would get product information and look forth to purchase them. This way you can add a large customer base and raise your sales margins a thousand times.

4. Showcase Your Work and Portfolio

You may have earned a decent reputation over the years of running the business successfully. The website gives you the ultimate support to show your achievements and the strong portfolio to the world raising your business reputation and pride. Likewise, if you are a professional, you can show your work online to boost your career and win better prospects.

5. Accomplishment of Business Goals

When discussing your website design project with the professional developers, you will be telling them about your business goals and requirements. This is where you can redefine your targets and stretch the dimensions of the business beyond geographical limits to accomplish.

6. Reduce the Jeopardy of Higher Investment Leveraging

Without a website, you may have to look forth for setting up a retail outlet to sell the product line. The prices of commercial real estate properties are increasing manifold every day. Setting up an eCommerce website saves you from bulk investment involvement and other hassles while you can keep selling your stuff with convenience.

7. Stay Connected with the Customers

Your online shopping website will be available for access 24×7 to your customers. Therefore, they can even place their orders at midnight when you might be sleeping. Independent of the time limitations, the buyers will be able to shop products comfortably in their spare time while you can focus on delivering goods at the right time to maintain reputable services and achieve customer satisfaction.

8. Interactive Platform for Positive Communication with the Customers

Having a website allows you to establish an effective communicative system with the audiences that you can convert into long-term buyers. You can have a blog and news release section besides your regular product description pages to post informative contents, interesting pictures, new offers and other related details that you want to convey to the customers. Alternatively, you can have a contact form on the site where the customers can leave their feedback and queries so that you can get in touch with them directly.

9. Establish the Base for Internet Marketing

The traditional marketing to reach the mass audiences requires high-end investments to place catchy ads on the TV, radio and newspaper classifieds. The online marketing is comparatively more affordable and largely oriented to the section of buyers actually looking for the products you sell.

10. Regulate Customer Support Services

Regulating customer support from your shop or office can be troublesome for the buyers. With online assistance through FAQs, ticket system, live chat and others, you will be able to offer greater expediency and establish strong relationship.

11. Find New Prospects

Not only for the businesses can selling products, but also the professional website design do a lot of help to every career aspirant. Whether you are job seeker or offering services online, a digital portfolio website is a fantastic platform to exhibit your skills, experience, accomplishments, references, testimonials and much more to the employers.

12. Win Greater Customer Confidence

Surviving the market competition as a new brand is quite difficult. Online exposure through your website raises your brand value and identity winning the confidence of the buyers.

13. Beat the Market Competition

A beautiful interactive website with strategically structured online marketing campaign helps to bestow a prime image to your brand. This helps in beating the top-notch competitors in sales within a short span of time.

14. Spread Your Brand Message

The customers will always look for complete information before they purchase a product. Your website contents are the best source of information that they will like to read to know more about your brand and product line.

15. Build More Business Connections

As a new business, you may like to connect with affiliate marketers and other fellow webmasters. When your website is online, the communication with such people becomes very easy.

16. Widespread Scope for Niche Selection for Revenue Generation

Today, you can start your online business even without selling products. Blog monetization and affiliate marketing are some common alternatives that give you enormous opportunity if you have a niche based website.

17. Winning New Prospects from Press Releases

The free or cheap press release submissions with link back to your website helps to win several potential opportunities online.

18. Revolutionary Idea to Win Financial Freedom

Today a successful online business can give you enough financial support to adopt a decent lifestyle. If you want to leave your regular job and assort a decent income opportunity, the website is your inaugural platform.


Wrapping It Up


In the present age of gadget technological advancement and faster switching to the mobile internet usage, the businesses need a robust online marketing plan to accomplish the branding and promotional goals. The smart, responsive and intuitive website design highly oriented to the business niche helps to engage the audiences with added advantage bestowing better prospects with higher conversions.

Buildic Web Design is the premium company based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia offering exquisite website design services to the local and international businesses at unmatched price packages. The company is your one stop solution to avail web designing and development, affordable hosting plans and comprehensive internet marketing services all under a single roof. Having provided best of services in attaining business success, Buildic professionals have worked for projects like Karibu and Mmall 020 eCommerce, Medi Global, Kim Guan Constructions, Delemax etc. Please visit the company’s portfolio section for the complete list at http://www.buildic.com/portfolio/

Buildic Web Design is the premium company based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia offering exquisite website design services to the local and international businesses at unmatched price packages.

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