What We Do

Buildic Web the Web Design and E-commerce Solution in Malaysia

We offer a wide range of Digital Marketing & Web Development Services. Our services include web design, web development, Social media marketing, SEO & more.

About Us

Buildic which stands for Build-iCommerce (Build websites with Intelligent, Innovative, Interactive Commerce) is a web development company, specialized on e-commerce website.

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Domain & Hosting

At Buildic, we provide you all the necessary web services from the start. We take care of all the domain registration and technical support that you’ll need.

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Our Services

We understand the importance of utilizing the latest web design solutions to offer the best standard features and functionality in building your desired ebusiness, estore or eblog websites.

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Online Marketing

Buildic knows what it takes to generate sales. Our team can discuss your custom online marketing needs and tailor a solution that matches your brand and business goals.

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100% Responsive Layout

All our web designs come in fully responsive layout that works amazingly on all mobile devices. You should see the Buildic’s responsive web design layout magically adjust itself to comfortably fit the new width of the browser.

Modern, Professional Design

Expect to get a unique website presence from our modern and professional web design focusing on user-experience. We present only the well-researched and unique design style to create an up-to-date online image that fits your business.

Custom Mega Menu

Boring with your top menu bar? You get to customize your menu now, create wide or normal sub-menus at the same time, choose wide menu layout with or without icons. You can also create awesome one-page web sites using anchors in the menu.

Search Engine Optimized

Buildic’s web design is fully search engine optimized. All are built with SEO feature so that the major search engines find and display your site when customers are looking for your product or service.

Advanced Banner Slider

Being on track with the latest trends in web design, Buildic’s advanced banner slider features amazing slide that is able to fade responsive on fixed or full-screen. It can even feature video slider with parallax along with fading animations.

Multiple Function Page

Buildic provides all function pages that an excellent website need which include but not limited to service, portfolio, blog, contact, galleries, testimonial and project. We made it a simply perfect solution for every business purpose!

Extremely Customizable

Buildic offers unlimited creative control to build customizable high-end sites at a fraction of the cost of other web design firms. We will convert your business needs into a completely customized website design.

Full Demo

At Buildic, what you see is what you get! No empty promises, no risk and no strings attached in engaging our service! Use our demo websites to test run and choose the one that suits your business best!

Flexible Layout

Experience unlimited possible combination for design and showcase with our web designs’ flexible layout. The best thing is you can create unlimited content pages and create your own different experience from it!


Missing out on mobile clients and sales? Is your site optimized for the mobile and tablet generation? Our RWD (Responsive Web Design) will nail your mobile clients and boost your conversion rate! With the growth in mobile Internet usage, there is no way for any websites to be left out from RWD. RWD is the practice of building a website suitable to work on every device and every screen size, no matter how large or small, mobile or desktop. Utilizing responsive websites, Buildic’s web designs are optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet viewing. Our responsive web design is focused around our business core by providing an intelligent and interactive experience for everyone.



Our demo website is not a standard template, it is an extremely advance framework, you can create your own unique design using our demo website and no website will look exactly similar.

You will get your website same as our demo page for basic package. You need no installation, setup, domain registration, hosting and any technical knowledge in purchasing our web designs. We will do everything for you and you can spend more time on your business planning. Your website can be ready within 7 days for basic package. What you see is what you get. No empty promises, no risk and no strings attached in engaging our service!


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