Real World Solutions for E-commerce Website & Web Design
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Real World Solutions for Web Design & E-commerce Website

Buildic is your trusted online source for the web’s best and most innovative web designs and e-Commerce website solutions. We offer real world website solutions that can increase your company’s online presence and offer you the chance to find targeted customers and make more sales. Our wide array of web services was designed to ensure your continued success and positioning in the global market.


Headquartered in Johor Bahru City, Malaysia, Buildic has built a solid reputation as an e-commerce website and web design leader and our experienced team of web developers is sought after for their knowledgeable approach in intelligent design and interactive, user-friendly websites. We get results the other guys don’t; contact us and see what we can do for your business today.


We believe that your business deserves the best we have to offer and we have built a solid portfolio of services for you to choose from. Whether you need an eCommerce redesign or new eCommerce website service provider, or you need a complete e-Store website designed and developed from start to finish, or a professional corporate website, Buildic has the solutions that will ensure your company will not only survive in today’s competitive e-commerce and www world, but thrive as well.


Buildic values your feedback; if you have a question about and order or to learn more about who we are and what we do, feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to answer any questions you might have.


People choose Buildic every day to ensure that their website and e-commerce needs are met with intelligence, innovation and an interactive design that stands out among their competitors. After all, it’s in our name; Buildic : Build-ICommerce (Build websites with Intelligent, Innovative, Interactive Commerce.

Premier Website Builder

Trends come and go, especially in the fast paced world of web design. We only provide latest web design trends and mobile friendly website. Our team will work closely with you from start to finish to help you realize your online dreams of having a successful website. If you already own a website, make sure it is on trend or otherwise, get in touch with us!

Extensive Experience

We rely on our vast knowledge and many years of e-commerce and web design experience to offer you a higher level of service and support. Buildic’s web design services strive to bring out what you do best and present it in most compelling way possible. Experience with us at its best with our creative and comprehensive services!

Customer Satisfaction

Without doubt, we always keep the benefit of clients in mind. From our pricing to services and solutions, everything is planned to bring the outmost benefits for our clients. We value our clients and their individual website needs by ensuring that your each and every needs are met and exceeded with every project we complete.

Online Marketing Solutions

Buildic goes extra mile by providing online marketing and advertising strategies for our clients to meet their business needs. We create successful online marketing campaigns and establish network with web services on effective marketing tools where users can easily find and purchase your products or services.

Transparency in Web Design and Development

We appreciate your business and our team of web developers is always ready to go the extra mile for you. Your complete satisfaction is important to us and we offer an industry exclusive transparent design process allowing you to be more hands on than ever before. This gives our team the chance to better understand your vision and apply it to the finished website.

Our Focus

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Our team is standing by; what can we create for you today?