5 Impacts on How Web Design Affects Your Business Success
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5 Impacts on How Web Design Can Affect Your Business Success

Web Design

09 Jun 5 Impacts on How Web Design Can Affect Your Business Success

The Exact Reasons On Why You Need A Good Web Design

Whenever we hear of a new product or service the first thing we tend to do is take a quick look at their official website. More than 87% of the respondents in a recent survey said that this is what they usually do. The website of your business has an important role to play in the perception of your customers and the success of your business. In this article we are going to discuss on a few impacts of web design on the success of any given business.

#1: Your business would be judged on the basis of its digital presence:

About 96% of web users admit that the site can affect the product or services which the customers want to buy or engage with. Your customers would turn to the internet to check on your company and then form an opinion about your brand before they make a direct contact with you. Digital presence, specifically your company’s web design ; is an absolute essential in the second decade of the 21th century.

96% of the respondents are of opinion that business owners need to prioritize their investments on web design so as to gain a competitive edge.

#2: The quality of your web design can make or break your business

Just creating a website isn’t going to suffice since your customers are going to have a high expectation of the functionality and design of your site. Your web design is required to infuse a sense of reliance and credibility so that the brand experience of your visitors is unparalleled. Your business would surely incur a loss whenever you fail to achieve this end. Lets take a look at the survey results:

  • All the respondents unanimously agree on the point that they leave a website if its poorly designed or hard to use.
  • 96% of the respondents agree that a badly designed site can affect the growth of a business negatively.
  • 89% of the respondents agree that a website which is out of date can negatively affect the trust in the company.
  • 91% says they have left a site because of the link errors and the typos.
  • 80% of the respondents say that they tend to choose one product or service over other since it came with a well designed site.

Web Design Infographic

Source: presence.durosia.com

#3: One factor crucial to user experience is clear navigation:

While checking out the site of your company most people are trying to find a chosen product or service in the least possible time. The fact remains that about 95% of the respondents think that finding what they are looking for is the most important thing to them. Therefore the web design needs to have a navigation which is clear and intuitive. One needs to consider the user’s journey and accordingly organize the information and contents so that it supports the objectives of the users.

#4: The aesthetics of your web design would go a long way in creating a lasting impression:

Though its absolutely wrong to evaluate an website on its aesthetics along, yet it is one essential aspect which cant be taken lightly. 89% of the respondents of our survey think that its really vital that a site is aesthetically appealing and about 81% of the respondents are of opinion that the web design needs to correspond with the branding of the company. One therefore needs to ensure the visual connection between the brand and the website so as to preserve the identity of the brand as well as its integrity. This requires a very careful selection of the colour palette of the site, its typography, images and layout among other things. There are companies which mistakenly think that buying a few photos from any stock photography site would do the trick. But they are absolutely mistaken. One needs to work side by side with the web designers in order to ensure that the images of the site supports the messaging and transmits the exact perception of your brand.

#5: Optimization of your site would go beyond responsive web design:

Almost all the respondents of our survey have admitted that they leave a website when its slow or difficult to load. Therefore the optimization strategy of your site needs to include a element of technicality which would help in reducing the load time of the content of your site. This aspect is even more important for a website which is rich in visuals and images.

A major percentage of your consumers would be connecting to the internet through devices like tablets and smart phones. About 78% of the respondents are of opinion that they prioritize mobile optimization while viewing a website. Companies along with their web designers, who are looking forward to cater to the needs of their existing customers effectively, are required to offer them with content in the format which is most convenient for them.

Responsive web designs would allow them to achieve this end by making use of a development approach which would render the web content in the format which is most optimal and ensure that the layout is perfectly suited for the device on which it is being viewed. This is not only helpful for the visitors but also for the search engines. Google has claimed that they would be favoring websites which are mobile optimized and which loads easily in their rankings. Therefore the situation is win-win.

Is your web design crucial for the success of your business?

Let us take the comment of one respondent in particular. Alex is of opinion that responsive web design is extremely important for every aspect of a company’s success. The brand needs to reflect who they are and what should they do to gain the trust of their customers. This is what should be guided in every aspect of a business including the web design.

A company get about 20-25 seconds to create a lasting impression on the minds of their customers through their website and therefore they should make the most of these moments. Buildic is a web development company based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia which has been providing hundreds of companies with the latest and most professional web designing services. Contact us to know exactly how to generate the sales online and make your web design a success.

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